Creditor rights when a debtor files bankruptcy

When creditors loan out money, they know there is some risk involved that the debtor won’t pay the money back. But when a debtor files bankruptcy, creditors still have rights to be part of the process and have a say in the proceedings. We’ll outline the rules for what creditors can do during bankruptcy filings […]

General counsel services for small and medium-sized business

Small and medium-sized businesses in Virginia often don’t have enough legal work to hire a full-time in-house attorney. Yet, they still need legal insights to protect their business, its owners and stakeholders. Hiring an outside firm to handle general counsel services is a great way to get the legal counsel you need without the expense […]

How plaintiffs can seek justice through a legal malpractice lawsuit

When you hire an attorney in Virginia to file a lawsuit against another party, you expect that attorney to work hard for your case. And yet in rare circumstances, that attorney does not fully do their job. In these circumstances, you could have grounds to file a legal malpractice lawsuit. After a poor experience working […]

What you need to know about expungement in Virginia

When a judge signs a warrant for your arrest, that warrant will show up on your record during background checks. All arrests, warrants and charges are visible to the public eye even if you never get convicted of the crime. That’s where expungement comes in. In Virginia, you can petition the courts to remove arrests […]

Pedestrian safety tips for the busy holiday season

Pedestrian accidents are on the rise. The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) reported that pedestrian deaths increased 50 percent from 2009 to 2018. And as traffic increases during the holiday season, pedestrians need to be extra aware of their surroundings to avoid an accident. Walking has so many great health benefits. During the winter months, […]

What is reckless driving in Virginia and what are the penalties?

Reckless driving is a serious offense in Virginia, punishable with up to a year in jail and $2,500 in fines. If you’re facing reckless driving charges, find a reputable Virginia traffic infractions attorney to represent you. Virginia Code 46.2-862 outlines reckless driving and classifies it as a class 1 misdemeanor. Repeat offenders can face even more […]

What you need to know about adverse possession in Virginia

As kids, we used to say “finders keepers.” And once we were adults, that notion seemed crazy, but adverse possession laws in Virginia actually fall in line with that idea. In short, adverse possession laws state that a person who does not own a piece of property can become the owner of that property. To […]

How to file a personal injury lawsuit for pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents are life-altering on many fronts. First of all, the injuries will cause short-term disruptions to your life as you seek the medical attention that you need. Secondly, the long-term effects on your mental state and the possible changes to your employment from the accident can be long-reaching. Not to mention the fact that […]

What are DC’s dram shop laws and what do they mean for your case?

Restaurants and bars that serve alcohol have a responsibility to protect the public from drunk drivers, according to the law. Washington, DC, and 43 states have laws called dram shop laws that govern the conduct of bars and restaurants in evaluating whether or not to serve alcohol. So, if you’ve been injured in a drunk […]

Who’s responsible when the perpetrator of a hit and run can’t be found?

Individuals involved in traffic accidents are required to stop and exchange information with one another. So when another car leaves the scene without doing so, it’s considered a hit and run. In some cases, the victim of a hit and run is able to track down the individual. In other situations it is not possible […]

Injuries You Should Seek a Car Accident Lawyer for in Alexandria and Northern Virginia

Car accident injuries can be sneaky and crop up a few hours or even days after the accident. To help you assess your situation, here’s a list of injuries you should seek a car accident lawyer for if you’ve been injured in Alexandria and Northern Virginia. Head and brain Injuries to the head can be […]

Protecting Your Business During a Leasing Dispute

If you’re currently experiencing a leasing dispute with your business, you know it can affect your success. From time taken out of your day and away from your operations to risks to your customer service, leasing disputes are no joke. The first step in settling your business leasing dispute is to better understand the terms […]

Do I Really Need an Attorney in a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Workers’ compensation claims can be clear cut and easy to navigate using the system your employer has in place. But there are also claims where your employer disputes your claim and undercuts the compensation you should receive. These are the cases where you absolutely need a workers’ compensation attorney. If you’ve been working through the […]

When Trouble Arrives, Consult a Fairfax, Virginia Violent Crimes Attorney

Imagine being caught during a violent confrontation. You aren’t sure what’s going on, but you know is something terrible is happening. You end up getting injured, or even worse, are accused of being part of the crime itself. Now, imagine that you have to go to court to fight the accusations without the help of […]

How to Choose a Car Accident Lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia

If you’re recovering from a car accident, you’re likely evaluating whether or not you need a car accident lawyer to represent your cause. As you evaluate your needs, here are some practical ways to choose a car accident lawyer in Fairfax. Why you need a car accident lawyer in Fairfax You may be asking yourself, […]

When to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Woodbridge, VA

Personal injuries come in many forms and from a variety of events. As you evaluate whether or not to sue the party or parties involved, let’s discuss the reasons to hire a personal injury attorney Woodbridge, VA, and the surrounding area. The following is a listing of the types of personal injuries you can sustain […]

Obtaining Virginia Protective Orders

Protective orders, also known as retraining orders, protect people from violence, threat or bodily injury. They also keep people from places where they feel as though they might die, be sexually assaulted or incur bodily injury. A Virginia attorney can help you file for protective orders. Virginia law seeks to protect victims of domestic violence […]

Get to Know Your Virginia Dog Bite Laws

Animal attacks can be some of the trickiest and murkiest, as well as controversial, legal matters. From small noise complaints to attacks against a human, situations can arise where you don’t know where exactly you stand with Virginia dog bite laws. Not only that, it can sometimes be problematic or illegal to even own certain […]

Contact a Drunk Driving Accident Attorney When You Find Yourself in a Bad Situation

Drunk driving is not something to be taken likely. Depending on the circumstances, as well as the injuries and other parties involved, a drunk driving case can lead to severe punishments and hiring a drunk driving accident attorney should be made a priority. Because of this, it is best to always get yourself a strong […]

Books to Read on Business Law

Similar to most educational topics that someone might pursue reading material on, consumers have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to the topic of business law. With so many options to choose from, consumers new to the topic will find themselves in the tough spot of choosing the ‘best’ books within […]