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David Salzer is a young attorney on the rise.  David joined Gore & Kuperman in early 2019, and has already made his mark on the firm.  He is a deft writer, a skilled orator, and an impassioned advocate for his clients.  David has contributed new perspectives and a strong work ethic to the office, and he continues to grow by the day.

David understands that communication and trust are key to the health of an attorney-client relationship.  David enjoys taking the time to build and maintain this relationship to not only put the client at ease but to strengthen the client’s case.  David believes that the best results are most easily obtained when the attorney and client are working together as a powerful team.

David is proud to be fighting on the right side.  He believes that his clients always deserve more.  Where insurance companies see financial liabilities and cold statistics, David sees people who need and deserve help to recover their health, happiness, and financial well-being.  Where prosecutors see just another name to raise their conviction rates, David sees another human-being, deserving of respect, dignity, and a fair process.  David is motivated by the fact that, though every case is different, his clients are always a worthy and noble cause.

David is a graduate of Indiana University, where he studied English and Political Science.  Outside of the classroom, David was a collegiate cyclist.  After college, he earned his Juris Doctor from The George Washington University Law School.  While earning his law degree, David gained experience in federal court, a federal agency, and an environmental non-profit law firm.

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