Where will I live?

When will I see you?

Which school am I going to go to?

What happens to me?

Children caught up in their parents’ divorce have a lot of questions. Parents will have to work together to provide answers or a judge could provide them instead. Issues involving child custody and visitation can be some of the thorniest and most emotionally taxing in a divorce.

The practical realities and personal challenges of raising a child in two households require care, patience, and focus on ensuring that the needs and well-being of the child always come first. The Fairfax child custody lawyers at Gore & Kuperman are committed to seeing to it that the parents we represent reach custody arrangements which accomplish precisely that.

Always Looking Out for Your Rights and Your Child’s Best Interests

We understand how much parents want to protect and provide for their children. We also recognize that most parents want to keep their children out of the arguments and issues which led to the dissolution of their marriage as much as possible.

That is why our goal is to integrate those two objectives to reach solutions to child custody matters that minimize conflict, facilitate negotiated resolutions, and ensure that our clients and their children move forward with clarity and security. We work to craft custody agreements designed to minimize the potential for conflict and keep the focus on maintaining positive relationships not only between the parents and the child but between the parents themselves to the extent practicable. And we never lose sight of what matters most: the child’s best interests and the arrangements best suited to help them grow and thrive.

Of course, in some divorces parents are unable to reach agreement on some or all of the issues regarding their child. Other times, there are concerns about the fitness or ability of one parent to be responsible for the child’s safety and well-being. In those circumstances, a court will determine any contested issues.

When an agreement can’t be reached, we forcefully advocate on behalf of our clients and their children to put them in the best position to obtain a favorable outcome from the judge. With preparation, a deliberate and thoughtful approach, and a thorough understanding of the law and the issues, the Fairfax child custody lawyers at Gore & Kuperman are unwavering in our commitment to help build a bright and secure future for each parent and child we have the privilege to represent.

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