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Accidents happen. On occasion, people lose their footing and trip and fall. While some falls may do little more than cause some embarrassment, other times they may lead to serious, costly, and painful injuries. Hitting the ground suddenly and violently can result in broken bones, skull fractures, and spinal injuries. For seniors, the consequences of a slip and fall or trip and fall can be even more devastating.

The hazards that lead to serious trip and fall injuries can take many forms. They can be conditions that have existed for a long time, such as cracked or uneven pavement, unstable stairs, or poor lighting. They can also be relatively recent, such as uncleared snow or ice on a sidewalk, a spill in a grocery store that hasn’t been sufficiently cleaned up, or a dropped napkin, utensil or food left on a restaurant floor.

Premises Liability Claims

When someone trips and falls because a property owner or other individual failed to meet their obligation to keep a sidewalk, store, home, or other premises in good order and in a reasonably safe condition, that person may have a claim against the owner for compensation.

Such claims are based on a legal concept known as “premises liability.” Property owners owe visitors to their property a duty of care and are responsible for injuries that happen due to their failure to maintain their property as a reasonable person would under the same circumstances. While property owners aren’t expected to guard against every possible danger or condition that could lead to an injury, they do need to address conditions that they know or should know are unsafe or present a hazard to visitors.

If you’ve been injured as a result of a trip and fall or other accident on someone else’s property, we can help. At Gore & Kuperman, we have decades of experience and a track record of success obtaining compensation for those injured due to others’ negligence. When you call us for your free initial consultation, we will evaluate the circumstances and conditions that led to your injury, determine whether you have a potential claim, and advise you of your options.

Even though every case is unique, and each client has their own specific needs and concerns, we approach every slip and fall case and every slip and fall injury the same way – relentlessly focused on getting our clients the compensation and resources they need to recover.

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