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Family law matters are always deeply personal. When you need a family law attorney, you’re likely going through trying times. At Gore & Kuperman, we work hard to provide ease and simplicity where we can while fighting for your rights. You won’t find a better team of attorneys to stand by your side to earn the results you’re hoping for.

What makes us different? It starts with the time we spend getting to know you and your preferences. Our team of attorneys is focused on helping you resolve your family law challenges from divorce and property distribution to child custody and child support. That means that we work relentlessly for the outcomes you hope to gain.

Then, we build your case by gathering information, talking to witnesses and negotiating with the other party. Throughout the process, we’ll do what’s best for you and allow you to be an active participant in the process. You’ll decide what concessions you’re comfortable with and when you want to return to negotiations for different terms. Ultimately, we work for you.

Divorce and Property Division

Divorces are generally contentious. We understand the emotions and challenges associated with divorce and division of property. In many cases, people just want the process to be over, so they make concessions they don’t actually want to make. Whether it’s about giving up your home, paying spousal support or who owns your favorite couch, we’ll protect your rights.

Many factors contribute to the outcomes of divorces, including how long you were married, what possessions you brought into the marriage and whether or not you purchased large ticket items as a couple. Allow the team at Gore and Kuperman to make sense of it all for you.

Child Custody and Child Support

When children are involved in a divorce, even more emotions factor into the process. Ensuring proper care and as little disruption as possible for them is important. We share your concerns and will do all that we can to preserve your rights to your children and protect your relationship with them.

Child custody and child support are common family matters that go back to court many years later. As you or your family changes and adapts, so should your custody and support. We can work with you to renegotiate child custody and child support at any time.

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Gore & Kuperman has experienced attorneys with as many as 35 years of legal expertise. We treat each client like they are our only client and offer premier service to you. We are Fairfax family law attorneys that will work hard for you.

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