Love is the foundation of the relationship between parents and their children. Unfortunately, love is not, in fact, all you need to raise a child. Children require financial resources to ensure their well-being, health, and growth. The responsibility for providing those resources falls on the parents. When parents divorce, the issue of how that responsibility is allocated and how much child support each parent will need to contribute to the raising of their child can be complicated and contentious.

At the Fairfax law firm of Gore & Kuperman, our experienced child support lawyers work with divorcing parents to reach fair and equitable arrangements which ensure that their children have economic security and stability.

Child Support Guidelines

Virginia, like many states, has established child support guidelines and formulas that judges use to determine how much child support each parent will need to contribute to the child’s upbringing.

Most often, child support calculations using the statutory guidelines can be a matter of simple math. Many times, however, disputes arise as to how to determine what the appropriate numbers should be. The actual amount of a parent’s income or the real costs of raising the children, how much time each parent will actually be spending with the child, and other issues can make the process contentious and time-consuming.

Additionally, the guidelines established by the law are just that – guidelines. In exceptional cases, judges can deviate from those guidelines in situations where their application would be inequitable to one of the parents or the child.

This is why it is so essential that a divorcing parent retain a child support lawyer who has a full understanding of the law, a well-developed ability to engage in complicated economic and income analysis, and the advocacy skills and experience to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

Modification and Enforcement of Child Support Obligations

A lot can change between the time an initial support order is entered and the time child support obligations terminate. Changes in the incomes of one or both of the parents, new or expanded needs for the child’s well-being, other sources of support because of remarriage – these are just a few of the circumstances that can justify a modification of child support.

Parents should seek a child support attorney they can rely upon long after the ink has dried on their divorce to ensure that child support arrangements keep up with life’s changes, remain fair, and continue to provide the resources their children need.

Even when child support arrangements are equitable and appropriate, those arrangements mean little if one of the parents fails or refuses to meet their obligations. When one of our clients and their children are not receiving what they are owed, we aggressively seek enforcement of child support orders and other appropriate remedies to protect the rights of my clients.

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At Gore & Kuperman, we understand how important it is to make sure that children have the resources and security they need so they can grow, thrive, and pursue their dreams. Our experienced Fairfax child support attorneys work tirelessly to make sure that the child support arrangements established for every one of our clients provide that for their children.

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