You work hard. Whether on a factory floor, in an office, behind a counter, or elsewhere, you spend a lot of time on the job. But workplace injuries happen, and when they do, you need the resources and money to pay for your recovery and make up for the wages you’re losing while you can’t work.

Obtaining Workers Comp Benefits Can Be an Unfair Struggle

However, sometimes obtaining the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to can be a struggle. The insurance company who provides workers’ compensation insurance to your employer wants to pay as little as possible and may challenge your right to receive benefits at all or assert that your injuries don’t warrant the amount of benefits you are seeking.

When that happens, and your employer is not holding up their end of the deal, you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who understands the complexity of workers’ compensation law and knows how to get you the benefits you deserve and need to get back on your feet and back to work.

At Gore & Kuperman in Fairfax, we fight passionately for the rights of injured workers throughout Northern Virginia. We help workers and their families obtain benefits to cover:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical Bills
  • Damages for permanent injuries (either total or partial);vocational rehabilitation assistance
  • Death benefits for the families of workers killed on the job.

While injured workers in Virginia are largely prohibited from filing personal injury law suits against their employers for work-related injuries, we explore the possibility of bringing claims against third parties who may have been responsible for your injuries, such as the manufacturer of a defective machine or a driver who hit you while on the job.

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If you have been injured on the job and need assistance obtaining the workers’ compensation benefits you’ve earned and deserve, the workers’ compensation lawyers at Gore & Kuperman can help. We are committed to helping injured workers get back on their feet and back to their jobs. Call us or contact us below.

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