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At the Northern Virginia law firm of Gore & Kuperman located in the city of Fairfax, we focus on Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, and Civil Litigation. We know what it takes to create successful resolutions for our clients, and we are dedicated to helping them achieve the best possible results no matter how challenging the circumstances of their case may be. When you step into court, we are the experienced litigators you want on your side.

You want a lawyer who is familiar with the courts of Virginia and prepared to handle any challenges that may come your way. At Gore & Kuperman, we have the experience to handle a wide range of legal matters. We put thorough preparation into each case and aggressively pursue the best possible results for each of our clients.

Criminal Law & Traffic Defense

Gore & Kuperman handles all types of state and federal criminal charges, as well as juvenile crimes, probation violations, parole violations, criminal investigations and expungements. We provide effective criminal defense against all charges, including:

Our attorneys also aggressively pursue compensation for personal injury clients who have been harmed by negligent or reckless parties. Gore & Kuperman provides committed and tenacious representation in matters involving:

A civil lawsuit is how we resolve non-criminal disputes in a civilized manner. The lawsuit may concern a broad range of subjects, including the following:

Whether you are the person filing the lawsuit (plaintiff) or the person against whom a lawsuit was filed (defendant) the skilled litigators at Gore & Kuperman know what to do. Our attorneys have been providing exceptional litigation representation and handling cases like yours for decades. We will take the time to answer your questions and treat you like an individual, not a file, recognizing that your circumstances are unique. We understand that participating in litigation is daunting to many and that the ins and outs of court proceedings can be incredibly confusing, not to mention stressful. We are ready to represent and assist you every step of the way. Ultimately, our goal is to help resolve whatever conflict has come your way. Whether you are an individual or a company, plaintiff or defendant, we have the right resources to assess and engage your problem.

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You have the right to more than just an attorney — you have the right to the best legal counsel possible. If you are facing criminal charges, have been injured as a result of someone’s negligence, or are involved in a business dispute in Northern Virginia or Washington, DC, Gore & Kuperman stands ready to fight for you. Call us or contact us below.