For every criminal offense, there is a defense. You want a lawyer who will fight for you. At the Fairfax City, Virginia law firm of Gore & Kuperman, our criminal defense attorneys protect individuals facing misdemeanor and felony charges throughout the state and federal courts of Virginia. Our comprehensive criminal law practice is equipped to handle everything from traffic infractions to serious felonies.

A criminal charge puts your reputation, lifestyle and freedom at risk. If you have been arrested for a felony or misdemeanor offense, you may face steep fines, probation and even jail or prison time. You may wind up isolated from your family and friends. Additionally, a conviction can cost you your job and create difficulties for you in securing another one. We understand the stakes you are facing and are here to help defend you against any charges. In addition to handling criminal charges, we represent clients who are the target of criminal investigations. We assist clients with all criminal law matters, including probation violations, parole violations and expungements.

Some of the criminal charges handled by Gore & Kuperman include:

Drug Charges – Possession / trafficking / sales / distribution / manufacture / cultivation / other state and federal drug charges.
Fraud & White Collar Crimes – fraud, false pretenses, credit card theft, forgery and fraud, issuing bad checks, forging and uttering,
identity theft and fraud, other white collar crimes.
Larceny and Theft Offenses – The firm handles all theft and larceny offenses, including shoplifting, retail theft, petite larceny and grand larceny, auto theft and embezzlement, among others.
Violent Crimes – murder / assault / rape / sexual assault / gun crimes / domestic violence / manslaughter / malicious wounding / armed robbery / burglar / breaking and entering / other violent crimes.
Juvenile crimes – The firm handles all juvenile crimes, including theft and property offenses, alcohol and drug offenses, sex crimes, violent crimes and drug crimes.
Computer crimes – financial crimes / fraud / theft and sex crimes
DWI / Reckless Driving – The firm handles all traffic offenses, including drunk driving (DWI/DUI), Reckless Driving and other traffic crimes.

Gore & Kuperman: Fighting for Your Future

After learning the details of your situation, we examine the evidence and analyze every aspect of your case — from every possible angle. We understand that things are rarely as simple as they may seem, so we dig below the surface to get to the root of the issue. For instance, if you are facing drug charges and have a drug addiction, we will work with you and your family to get you the help you need — rather than a prison sentence.

We carefully craft your defense, building it step by step to ensure it meets and defeats every accusation leveled against you. Our goal is to have any charges against you reduced or dropped, but we are always ready to fight if your case goes to trial. We never walk into the courtroom unprepared, and we are not intimidated by the prosecution’s scare tactics.

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You have the right to more than just an attorney — you have the right to the best legal counsel possible. If you are facing criminal charges in Northern Virginia or Washington, DC, Gore & Kuperman stands ready to fight for you. Call us or contact us below.