Injuries You Should Seek a Car Accident Lawyer for in Alexandria and Northern Virginia

Car accident injuries can be sneaky and crop up a few hours or even days after the accident. To help you assess your situation, here’s a list of injuries you should seek a car accident lawyer for if you’ve been injured in Alexandria and Northern Virginia.

Head and brain

Injuries to the head can be difficult to assess. You may think you’re feeling fine after an accident, but a few hours later you’re vomiting or unable to stand. These are signs of a concussion, which is a very serious injury that without treatment and monitoring could kill you.

There are lasting affects to injuries of the head and brain. You’ll want to consult with an attorney to ensure future medical bills and pain and suffering are negotiated with the at-fault party’s insurance.

Again, if you experience any signs of a concussion following a car accident, get to the emergency room as quickly as possible. You do need medical attention and regular monitoring to ensure your long-term wellbeing.

Neck and back/spinal

At first, neck and back injuries can seem mild. You’ll likely feel stiff after a car accident from the trauma your whole body sustains on impact. Stiffness can be the early stages of whiplash and injuries to the neck and back.

Back injuries are not always just soft tissue damage. You could have sprains, spinal injuries or even a herniated disc, which can be extremely painful and requires medical attention. Spinal injuries can result in loss of movement or feeling in your lower body.

Don’t try to be a hero with neck and back pain after a car accident. See a doctor to discuss a recommended treatment plan and ensure you aren’t suffering a severe injury.


You could walk away from a car accident without any burns. But depending on the conditions of your accident and how you were hit, burns can be serious.

Some burn injuries in car accidents are so severe that they require a skin graft, which is a painful operation. Others require plastic surgery to reduce scarring, especially if you experience burns on your face.

The cost and burden of burn injuries are often large and long-term. Some injuries prevent a victim from returning to work permanently. Discuss your burn injury with a car accident lawyer that knows your area, such as Alexandria and Northern Virginia.

Broken bones

Broken bones in a car accident are like the ones you saw on the playground as a kid. The impact in car accidents can do serious damage to bones, leaving the victim with reconstructive surgery and long healing times.

Victims that experience broken bones in a car accident often face physical therapy once the bone has finally healed. They also spend a great deal of time at appointments. Broken bones can be a serious burden carry following an accident.

Late onset injuries

Certain injuries may not be extremely apparent immediately following a car accident. Just because you weren’t whisked away in an ambulance at the scene doesn’t mean you didn’t’ experience injury from the accident.

Watch out for these late onset injuries in the hours and days after an accident.

Neck– injuries to the neck can take a little while to present themselves. That’s because of adrenaline after an accident. Your body helps you make it through the stress of a car accident scene by sending signals through your body that block pain receptors. Pay close attention to how you feel once you get home and for the next few days to truly assess your injuries.

Back– as described above, back injuries can be serious. What might start as a stiff or uncomfortable feeling in your back can actually be an injury to your spine or discs. Don’t ignore back pain that presents itself a few days after a car accident.

Headache/brain injury– what might start out as a simple headache, can prove to be a very serious injury. You may think it’s just stress from working with the insurance company and the repair shop for your car.

But you should not ignore a headache after a car accident. It can start as a normal nagging headache that you ignore because it’s easily treatable with over the counter pain medication. However, you may have an injury that the longer you let it go, the more severe it can become.

Your headache may also be a sign of whiplash where the muscles and tendons in your neck have been injured. A few weeks of therapy generally clears this up, but know that you don’t have to just live with this symptom after an accident.

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This blog post is not legal advice, nor is it intended to be used as such. Specific case facts should be discussed with an attorney.