Virginia laws you should know about concerning drug offenses

Drug offenses and the associated penalties vary based on the type and quantity of drugs in your possession. However, the law clearly outlines the rules and regulations for drug possession, trafficking and use. Some controlled substances are a more serious offense than others and you should be aware of the risks of being caught in […]

Everything you need to know about receipt of stolen goods criminal charges

Most Virginia residents understand what theft is and that it is a crime. However, a slightly greyer area of understanding for many people is the receipt of stolen goods. You can commit the crime of receipt of stolen goods if you knowingly purchase, receive, or otherwise possess property that is stolen or that you are […]

Northern Virginia Shoplifting Attorneys

Stealing can be a dangerous crime to commit. When you take something that belongs to another, you become very susceptible to laws and regulations. Although this is never the proper way to go about getting an object, there can be periods where things get a bit murky, and you feel like you may be wrongfully […]

When Trouble Arrives, Consult a Fairfax, Virginia Violent Crimes Attorney

Imagine being caught during a violent confrontation. You aren’t sure what’s going on, but you know is something terrible is happening. You end up getting injured, or even worse, are accused of being part of the crime itself. Now, imagine that you have to go to court to fight the accusations without the help of […]

Obtaining Virginia Protective Orders

Protective orders, also known as retraining orders, protect people from violence, threat or bodily injury. They also keep people from places where they feel as though they might die, be sexually assaulted or incur bodily injury. A Virginia attorney can help you file for protective orders. Virginia law seeks to protect victims of domestic violence […]

Hiring the right lawyer for your drug charges in Loudoun County

The drug world is a very rough place. Even if they are legal, it can be extremely damaging to your reputation, as well as your record. Abuse of drugs, as well as distribution, even if unknown, can be extremely harmful, and can lead you into a very difficult position to defend if you are facing […]