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Stealing can be a dangerous crime to commit. When you take something that belongs to another, you become very susceptible to laws and regulations. Although this is never the proper way to go about getting an object, there can be periods where things get a bit murky, and you feel like you may be wrongfully accused and need the assistance of Northern Virginia Shoplifting Attorneys.

This can very often come up in shoplifting cases. Shoplifting is quite possibly the most noted minor crime, and can lead to quite dire situations. It is quite simple, and is known to happen instantly, with people sometimes doing it unknowingly, or with complete intent. Just as the crime can be dealt and done at a very harsh degree, the punishments that are meted out can also be quite harsh, sometimes even worse than the crime itself.

As we get into this article, we would like to preface it by stating that we do not condone shoplifting in any sense. The act of shoplifting and stealing is immoral and illegal, and we would like to state that we in no way are encouraging such an act.

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What Is Shoplifting?

Shoplifting seems like an illegal, yet simple, act. You just take something, and walk away with it that was once someone else’s, and they do not know that you took that item. But, there is quite a bit more when it comes to the actual punishment of shoplifting.

Shoplifting is considered to be, in essence, the act of taking or stealing another person’s property or money without their consent or or permission.

Many people just see punishment that should be fit to the crime. If you have stolen something, you should have to pay for your crimes in one way or another. Sometimes, however, the punishment can be something extreme, like jail time after stealing a pack of gum. This may come as excessive, so it is important understand the concepts.

There are two main factors when it comes to dealing with shoplifting:

  • The Value: Value refers to how much was actually stolen. The value can be small or large, as it depends on what the victim deems the worth to be.
  • The Method: Method refers to how the items were stolen. This can include just about everything. Did you break and enter? Did you injure someone, or even kill a person to steal this item? Did you just walk by and snatch it? The method of the crime is also important in determining if the punishment is valid or over the top.

These two factors are especially important when dealing with shoplifting from a store, as the items can have significant value without the thief’s knowledge.


When to find an attorney for shoplifting crimes in Northern Virginia?

The time to find an attorney for such a crime as shoplifting, especially in Northern Virginia, is as soon as the punishment is handed out. If you feel like the punishment is larger than the crime itself, then you may have a case on your hands.

The most important factor in finding a good attorney is finding one that has a lot of experience when dealing with these cases. As shoplifting cases vary in value and methods, as well as the punishments, having someone that understands what is the proper punishment helps to defend your case.


Do Gore & Kuperman have lots of experience with Shoplifting Cases?

Gore & Kuperman have quite a strong handle on such cases. Having served for many years in countless different cases, Gore & Kuperman have a strong understanding for the law, as well as a good head to interpret the law as well. As the world of the legal field can be hazardous for those that do not live in it every day, their law firm can help to stabilize you, and work to protect you, the client.

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What will it cost me?

Unlike most other law firms, Gore & Kuperman put you first. Instead of always having such a pricey first consultation, they will generally have a free consultation so that you can get a feel and understanding for what you will be paying for. Not only that, they will work with you and your budget so that you don’t break the bank while attempting to defend your life.


How can I reach them?

To reach Gore & Kuperman, you can simply visit their office in Fairfax, Virginia during regular business hours. They will always be willing to sit and talk with you to help you get started on your case.

If you are not able to get to their office during the day, feel free to call them and ask for a consultation. Not only that, you can also email them through their website. They will generally have a quick response, as they are focused on helping you, the client, more than just a single paycheck. They understand that you are human, and deserve to be defended, just as anyone else.



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