At its simplest, theft is defined as the taking or stealing of another’s property or money without permission. However, because of several variables, there are a number of property crimes that fall under the umbrella of theft. When it comes to property crime, often the person most hurt by the act is the person convicted of the crime.

From misdemeanor shoplifting charges to felony embezzlement charges, the crimes vary in their severity, and their punishments vary accordingly. Criminal penalties for theft crimes may include restitution to the victim or victims, fines, and jail or prison sentences. Being convicted of theft can ruin one’s reputation and destroy professional credibility. If you or someone you love has been accused of taking something that does not belong to you, it is important to contact a Northern Virginia theft lawyer who can help you fight a criminal charge.

Theft can also be a broadly defined crime. There are a number of theft-related criminal charges. Two main factors will dictate what exact charge someone would face:

  • Value: The value of the property that was taken can determine if a crime will be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor.
  • Method: How was the taking of property accomplished? Was the property taken by force from the person of another? Was the property taken by deception?Murder / Manslaughter

Fighting On Your Behalf

Given the seriousness of theft crimes, anyone charged with any form of larceny in Northern Virginia or Washington, DC needs to consult with a lawyer that has previously handled such cases. Not only is felony larceny punishable by imprisonment, but theft crimes are considered crimes of “moral turpitude.” The loss of freedom and other consequences from such a conviction can be life changing. Given what is at stake, you must be sure that any attorney you hire has the judgment, skill, and reputation to obtain the best possible resolution of the matter.

The experienced criminal defense lawyers at Gore & Kuperman will ensure that the charges against you are fully investigated, all evidence is obtained, and all witnesses are interviewed. In these cases, witness testimony and documentary evidence are crucial. Witness accounts and evidence from third parties that can aid in your defense must be obtained before such evidence is destroyed or lost. Our firm will perform a sound analysis of all evidence and provide essential trial strategies to present you with the best possible defense.

Simply because someone is charged with a form larceny does not mean that they are going to be convicted as charged. The charge can be dismissed if the prosecutor is convinced that he or she will not prevail at trial or there are other compelling reasons why the prosecutor believes he should not pursue the charge. There are also different plea bargain options if certain facts are present and the attorney handling the matter is skilled at negotiating a fair plea bargain. The option of proceeding to trial always exists as well. The job of a great lawyer is to provide as many options as possible and then present and explain those options so that you can make an informed decision as to how to proceed.

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