Murder and manslaughter are the most serious criminal charges that one can possibly face. Your very life is at stake, and you face the possibility of a lifetime behind bars without parole, and in some cases, the imposition of the death penalty. If you or someone you love is facing a murder or manslaughter charge in Virginia or Washington, DC, you absolutely must hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney for your case. This is not the time to cut corners or shop around for the least expensive attorney you can find.

Arguably, no crime receives more attention from society than the taking of a life. Murder and manslaughter charges carry the harshest penalties.Society wants to send a message to criminals who will commit such a crime that it will not be tolerated. Evidence to support how seriously these crimes are viewed can be found in the resources that are put at the disposal of investigators and prosecutors in order to be able to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. If you are facing murder or manslaughter charges, you need to take immediate action to protect your rights. Defending against murder or manslaughter charges can require extensive preparation and investigation.

The best move is to secure effective representation as soon as possible, as every moment you are being investigated without the protection of an attorney being there to help you defend yourself can expose you to greater risk. Given the severity of the penalties that are applied to murder and manslaughter charges, it is extremely important that you secure the representation of a criminal defense attorney who brings real experience and skill to your defense.

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