Hiring the right lawyer for your drug charges in Loudoun County

The drug world is a very rough place. Even if they are legal, it can be extremely damaging to your reputation, as well as your record. Abuse of drugs, as well as distribution, even if unknown, can be extremely harmful, and can lead you into a very difficult position to defend if you are facing drug charges in Loudoun County.

This is especially true in the Loudon County area. As the times have changed and new laws and research are made to the general public about drugs that we have labeled as harmful and dangerous, it is important that you stay up to date about what is deemed illegal in your area.

Because these laws tend to fluctuate between states and counties alike, if you find yourself laden with drug charges in Loudoun County, you need to make sure you know what is right and wrong, and for that, you need the right lawyer for Loudoun County.


When is the right time to get a lawyer for drug charges in Loudoun County?

It can be difficult to see when you need a drug charge lawyer. Sometimes, it seems too hopeless to even spend money on a lawyer because of how much is stacked against you. But, there are situations and times when getting a lawyer early is very appropriate.

To start with, a drug charge against you can be a number of things. The most well-known charges tend to be:

  • Possession: This is the simple act of having a drug that is illegal on your person, or within your premises. This can be inside your home, inside your vehicle, or in any personal belongings. If they are found, you can be charged, even if it is something like marijuana, with such punishments like 30 days in jail or a large fine.
  • Sales & Distribution: The act of selling an illegal substance, or without proper licensing and legal work if dealing with legal medicines.
  • Trafficking: Known to be used when dealing with much larger quantities, as well as primarily illegal drugs, are dealt against those that bring drugs into the states from outside areas with the intent and/or distribute in any way.

Due to these punishments, it is extremely important that you contact a lawyer as soon as the charges are filed, as this is your livelihood that you are dealing with. And if you want to ensure that your life and well-being are in good hands, you need to contact the lawyers over at Gore & Kuperman for all of your legal needs when dealing with drug charges in Loudoun County.


Why Should I go to Gore & Kuperman for my drug charges in Loudoun County?

Gore & Kuperman have a long-standing history of experience and client well-being with their cases. With decades of experience, they understand the ever-changing laws and regulations on drugs that can be extremely confusing. For instance, a law that was regulated back in 2005 may have changed their limitations and statutes since then due to federal regulation becoming more lax, or more hardened over time.

Not only that, but they look out for you, the client. Unlike many firms, Gore & Kuperman understand that sometimes, mistakes happen, and sometimes people can be extremely harsh on those that deal with drugs, even to the point of overpunishing those people. Gore & Kuperman will always look to represent you, and protect your rights as a person through an aggressive defense.


How much will this cost me? 

Gore & Kuperman also understand that sometimes, not everyone has a lot of money. Times are tough, and you may not have an exorbitant amount of money to be able to spend on a lawyer for a solid defense. As such, Gore & Kuperman will look to work with your budget, so that you can get the legal care that everyone deserves.

They will also help by making the first consultation relatively free. Many other firms will make you pay a first time consultation fee, whereas Gore & Kuperman will give you a taste of what you can expect in the future.


How can I contact them?

Contacting Gore & Kuperman is quite simple. If you live in the Fairfax area, or relatively close such as Loudoun County, it is as simple as travelling over travelingffice located in Fairfax, Virginia during regular business hours. Once you get there, you can simply ask for a consultation and get information on their legal work.

If you cannot meet them during business hours, or are unable to get to them, you can simply contact them through their website, or through a simple call. If you are not able to get ahold of them for any reason, you can also send an email through their website, which will then be transferred to one of their qualified representatives. They will be prompt in replying, so you can expect a response in a few days.



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