How to Best Use Your Auto Accident Lawyer in Manassas and Northern Virginia

You’ve gone through the hiring process of choosing an auto accident lawyer in Manassas or your local area. But what now? How do you best interact with your lawyer and ensure a smooth process and best possible outcome?

First off, congratulations on making a choice in an attorney. That’s the first step in ensuring a successful and stress-free auto accident lawsuit on your part. Now it’s time to really put your lawyer to work for you.

Be sure to have your lawyer present or on the phone for any interactions related to the case. He or she will need all the details the opposing party has and can guide you in saying the right things. Don’t answer questions now in a way that you’ll regret later on.

Here are some tips for ensuring a smooth process and great working relationship with your auto accident lawyer in Manassas.

Maximizing interactions

You’ll likely have scheduled calls or meetings with your lawyer to exchange case information. Throughout these conversations, remember to never get defensive or argumentative about the case. Your attorney has your best interests in mind and is there to guide you through this process.

If a question seems like it’s pointing to you being at fault or somehow not the victim in the case, remember it’s about collecting information. The less time you spend defending yourself or the situation, the better.

When it comes to your injuries, don’t be a hero, but don’t overexaggerate things either. Describe what you’re experiencing in the best detail you can to assist your attorney in building your case.

Being prepared for discussions

Before speaking with your attorney, make a list of questions. This will help you feel more organized. You’ve just been through a traumatic event, which can make many people feel frazzled and confused.

In addition to questions, prepare all information you’ve received from the opposing party so you can present it to your attorney. Again, these discussions are focused on providing a holistic view of the case for your attorney. This means that the other party’s information is just as important as yours.

Complete honesty

Your discussions with your attorney are covered by client-attorney confidentiality. There is no reason to hide or lie about information when discussing facts with your attorney.

Don’t worry about sharing details that you think may hurt your case or lower your settlement. It’s important for your attorney to know these facts so he or she is not blindsided in negotiations later.

So don’t avoid your attorneys questions or phone calls out of fear. They are your partner in this process to guide you along the way.

Freely providing all documentation

The more documentation that you can provide your attorney up front, the quicker your attorney can get to work on your case. This goes back to coming prepared to your meetings with your attorney.

Here are some items you may want to prepare for your first meeting with your auto accident lawyer:

  • The police report from the accident
  • The documentation or estimate on your car for repairs
  • Any paperwork or diagnosis you have from your doctor or doctors
  • Information from the other party or from their insurance company
  • Details on any conversations you’ve had with the opposing party before retaining legal counsel 

What your attorney will be doing

Meanwhile, your attorney will be pulling together your case and interacting with the other party. Throughout the process, your attorney will be negotiating a strong settlement that he or she believes serves as restitution for the injuries you sustained.

Your attorney will keep you up to date on where your case stands and what to expect next. They will essentially serve as your personal guide throughout the process to restitution. As your guide, they’re well versed in answering your questions and calming your concerns. This means you should not be hesitant to ask anything.

Your attorney from Gore and Kuperman will leverage 35 years of experience to ensure a smooth process. We also work with your budgets and help you understand costs so you are never surprised. Tie that in with flexibility in how we work with you and you have a dynamic team helping your put a difficult situation behind you.

If you haven’t retained counsel yet and are wondering when you should retain a car accident lawyer Manassas, now is the time. The less time that elapses between the accident and legal investigation and lawsuit, the better your case will likely go.


This blog post is not legal advice, nor is it intended to be used as such. Specific case facts should be discussed with an attorney.