Why you should journal after a car accident injury

Car accident cases can take many months to document and file in the court system. During those months, you might start to forget some of the earlier details of your injuries or the accident. Journaling can help you document your pain and suffering, dates and times of medical appointments, missed work, vacation and sick days […]

What you need to know about rideshare accidents

Rideshare services have become a popular way for people to get around. The incredible convenience that these apps provide helped them grow in popularity quickly. And because that growth was so quick, there were aspects of the business that weren’t completely thought out. One of those aspects was insurance coverage and how a driver’s personal […]

Why your lawyer should properly negotiate the terms of a defense medical examination

When dealing with personal injury cases, medical exams and doctor evaluations are some of the most important aspects of the case. As the plaintiff, you and your Virginia personal injury attorney will present your medical records and doctor’s notes as evidence of your injuries. But the defense (the at-fault party for your injuries) can also […]

When to hire a personal injury attorney for airbag malfunction

Airbags are a safety mechanism designed to protect drivers and passengers during a car accident. Sadly, they don’t always do their job, or they deploy when they shouldn’t and leave the driver or passenger with an injury. Victims of faulty airbags that fail to deploy when they should or that deploy when there is no […]

Why do you need a personal injury lawyer?

Did you know that it’s actually in the insurance company’s best interest to settle a car accident claim quickly? Did you also know that medical malpractice lawsuits have a statute of limitations for how long you have to file a lawsuit after an incident? And guess what, the grocery store where you slipped and fell […]

Steps to Reviewing Your Case with a Personal Injury Attorney in Alexandria, VA

Personal injury can happen in a variety of ways in many different circumstances. Determining whether or not you have a case is the first step in building that case. The best way to do this is to review your case with a personal injury attorney in your area, such as Alexandria, VA. You’ll want to […]