The Role of Trial Lawyers in Achieving Justice: How Legal Advocacy Impacts Society

Trial lawyers play a critical role in cultivating a humane society governed by the rule of law. Their expertise, training, and legal advocacies are potent tools that protect individual rights and promote fairness and equality. Let us explore the many ways trial lawyers are instrumental in pursuing social justice through their legal advocacies and how […]

Effective Trial Strategies: How Trial Lawyers Build and Present a Strong Case

When you go to trial, having a skilled trial lawyer on your side can make all the difference. Trial lawyers are legal professionals who specialize in presenting a solid case in court using effective trial strategies to achieve the best possible outcome for clients. Let us explore effective trial strategies and how trial lawyers build […]

Navigating the Complexities of Family Law: How a Skilled Trial Lawyer Can Help you Achieve your Goals

Understanding the Complexity of Family Law Family law is a complex area of legal practice encompassing various issues related to marriage, divorce, adoption, child custody, child support, and more. Navigating these complexities can be overwhelming, emotional, and stressful, especially when dealing with a highly contested matter. The legal process can be intimidating, and the stakes […]

Passenger Injuries from Uber

Rideshare apps have made it so simple to get from one place to another. It’s a great service for travelers or vacationers. When you get in the vehicle, you expect to get to your destination safely. Sometimes, that isn’t the case though and you suffer injuries at the hands of the driver that you trusted […]

Trusted Insurance Agent

Insurance agents help you find the best insurance rates and policies that fit your needs. The right insurance policy helps you reduce your liability and protect your financial wellbeing. Without insurance, you could be personally financially liable for accidents, such as a car accident or injury on your property. Insurance helps provide coverage to you, […]

Virginia Medical Malpractice FAQs

Medical malpractice cases are a bit more complicated than other types of injury cases. They include some added steps as you’ll need an expert review of your medical records to confirm malpractice. Hiring a skilled Virginia medical malpractice attorney is the best way to ensure a smooth case. Your attorney will ensure that you meet […]

Expert Traumatic Brain Injury Guide

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury? Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is an injury that is often caused by a sudden event or accident. Brain injuries are quite different than all other injuries that the body can sustain. Our brain handles so many functions of the body, and creates who we are. Thus, injuries to the […]

Car Accident Dos and Don’ts

Following a car accident, many people are not only injured, shaken up, and confused, but are often unsure as to what they should do to protect their own interests following the crash. At the accident site there are certain things that car accident lawyers agree you can do to protect your rights, and ensure that […]

Boris Kuperman: Top 40 Trial Lawyer

For Immediate Release The National Trial Lawyers is pleased to announce that Boris Kuperman of Gore & Kuperman Pllc has been selected for inclusion into its Top 40 Under 40 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers in Virginia, an honor given to only a select group of lawyers for their superior skills and qualifications in the field. Membership […]

Creditor rights when a debtor files bankruptcy

When creditors loan out money, they know there is some risk involved that the debtor won’t pay the money back. But when a debtor files bankruptcy, creditors still have rights to be part of the process and have a say in the proceedings. We’ll outline the rules for what creditors can do during bankruptcy filings […]

What to do if a federal employee or government-owned vehicle causes a car accident

Getting into an accident with a federal employee or government-owned vehicle complicates a personal injury claim. The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) protects these employees and vehicles in a unique way. You’ll need a car accident attorney who is familiar with federal laws concerning car accident lawsuits and not just laws for your local state. […]

When winter sports injuries qualify for a personal injury lawsuit

Spring is here, but that doesn’t mean you made it through winter without harm. Ski slopes and skating rinks attract thousands of visitors each year. And while these are welcomed ways to get outside during winter, they aren’t always the safest places for visitors. Some winter sports injuries are total accidents that no one could […]

General counsel services for small and medium-sized business

Small and medium-sized businesses in Virginia often don’t have enough legal work to hire a full-time in-house attorney. Yet, they still need legal insights to protect their business, its owners and stakeholders. Hiring an outside firm to handle general counsel services is a great way to get the legal counsel you need without the expense […]

How to spot bad faith insurance tactics in Virginia

An insurance policy is essentially a contract between the purchaser and the issuer. The purchaser agrees to pay premiums on a set schedule and on time. In return, the insurance company agrees to pay out on claims when the purchaser (also known as the insured) makes a claim. But when the insurance company fails to […]

Why you should journal after a car accident injury

Car accident cases can take many months to document and file in the court system. During those months, you might start to forget some of the earlier details of your injuries or the accident. Journaling can help you document your pain and suffering, dates and times of medical appointments, missed work, vacation and sick days […]

What you need to know about rideshare accidents

Rideshare services have become a popular way for people to get around. The incredible convenience that these apps provide helped them grow in popularity quickly. And because that growth was so quick, there were aspects of the business that weren’t completely thought out. One of those aspects was insurance coverage and how a driver’s personal […]

What happens if I’m in a car accident when driving a borrowed car?

We’ve all probably been there at some point where a car is in the shop and a friend or neighbor offers theirs to help. Or perhaps when you’re traveling out of your home state visiting loved ones and borrow the vehicle of someone not covered on your insurance policy. During these occasions, you might not […]

The biggest mistakes personal injury victims make on social media

Social media helps people stay connected with loved ones. But when you’ve been injured and are pursuing a personal injury case, social media can be your worst enemy. Most people feel very comfortable sharing things on social media. It’s like a safe space to vent and engage with others. But what people don’t think about […]

Why your lawyer should properly negotiate the terms of a defense medical examination

When dealing with personal injury cases, medical exams and doctor evaluations are some of the most important aspects of the case. As the plaintiff, you and your Virginia personal injury attorney will present your medical records and doctor’s notes as evidence of your injuries. But the defense (the at-fault party for your injuries) can also […]

Been drinking? Say this when an officer questions you

No one plans to get pulled over for driving under the influence and many people who get charged with a DUI never thought they’d had enough to be impaired. So what should you say when an officer pulls you over after you’ve been to a social gathering and had a drink or two? The most […]