Finding the Right Reckless Driving Lawyer in Fairfax and Northern Virginia

Getting hurt in a reckless driving accident is frustrating. The opposing party in a reckless driving accident is guilty of a misdemeanor if found guilty. To ensure your best defense, you should hire a reckless driving lawyer familiar with Fairfax and Northern Virginia law.

Defining reckless driving

Reckless driving can easily result in a car accident. Many elements of reckless driving reduce the driver’s ability to respond to changes on the road and ability to navigate other cars.

Reckless driving goes beyond simply not following traffic laws, but willfully operating a vehicle with disregard for the consequences. To better understand reckless driving, let’s take a look at the types of incidents that can be classified as reckless driving:

  • Illegal passing
  • Lack of yielding to emergency personnel
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Not signaling
  • Excessive speed (more than 20 MPH above the speed limit)

Drivers who drive after drinking can also be reckless drivers. They may not necessarily be drunk, but they’ve inhibited their ability to respond to road conditions.

Why you should hire an attorney for your defense

Hiring an attorney to defend your injury resulting from another driver’s reckless driving is wise. Personal injury cases can be difficult to prove and defend in and of themselves. However, when you add in reckless driving on behalf of the opposing party, it adds another layer of complication in your defense.

This is why it’s extremely wise to hire an attorney with extensive experience in reckless driving in your area. Here are the top five reasons you should hire an attorney to handle your personal injury resulting from reckless driving.

  1. Less likely to go to court: taking a case to court increases the costs and time it takes to receive payment for your medical bills. You have to pay court costs and go through the lengthy court process or presenting your case.
  2. Difficult to defend yourself: reckless driving lawsuits are more complicated than other types of car accidents involving personal injury. This adds another layer in your case to prove and defend. Having an expert present your case is greatly beneficial.
  3. Process can be confusing without an expert guide: if you try to press charges or sue a driver who injures you in reckless driving, it can be a confusing process. There are many steps to a lawsuit and you want to be sure you present the details well and in proper timing. An attorney can bring training and previous experience to light in your case.
  4. Lack of respect in court without attorney: it can be difficult for the court system and opposing party to take you seriously without an attorney. Your case might look sloppier without an attorney, making it more difficult for you to receive the payout you deserve.
  5. Unlikely to get the best results: if you negotiate a settlement without an attorney, it’s likely that settlement will be smaller. You don’t know what’s reasonable to ask for and the opposing party can take advantage of your lack of experience in this area. While you might save some money in attorney fees, your payout is likely to be significantly lower making paying an attorney advantageous.

Damages you can seek

You may think it isn’t worth the time and headache of pursuing a personal injury claim. With health insurance or the at-fault party’s car insurance paying the majority of your medical bills, simply putting the accident behind you can seem attractive.

However, you may not realize the full financial impact of the reckless driving car accident. Additional damages you should seek are:

  • Lost wages, including lost earning potential for long-term injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Decline in life’s enjoyment

An experienced attorney can help guide you in understanding what damages you should seek and your total settlement to expect.

Working with an attorney

You should choose an attorney with extensive experience in reckless driving in your area. Gore and Kuperman have 35 years of experience in defending personal injury cases in Northern Virginia.

With experts on staff to help defend your case, Gore and Kuperman are well equipped to evaluate your case to ensure the best outcome. You won’t have to go elsewhere to find a traffic expert, medical personnel or engineers because we come prepared to deal with all situations.

For an experienced reckless driving lawyer, call Gore and Kuperman at 703-385-7300.


This blog post is not legal advice, nor is it intended to be used as such. Specific case facts should be discussed with an attorney.