How Hiring an Arlington County Divorce Lawyer Can Help Mediation

Some divorce cases need the court system to help work through details. Others are able to keep matters more private through mediation. If you’re seeking to make your divorce move more quickly and ensure a certain outcome, mediation can be a great way to do this. A local divorce lawyer, such as one in Arlington County, can make mediation a reality for your divorce.

What is mediation?

Mediation is like a private hearing for your divorce proceedings. You and your ex-spouse can agree to keep your divorce outside the court system to reach a resolution.

In mediation, you each still have an opportunity to present your case and your defense. You’ll present evidence, just like you would in court. However, instead of presenting this information to a judge, you present it to a neutral third party, who will guide through negotiations.

Why use mediation in your divorce proceedings?

Going through a divorce is an emotional and challenging ordeal to go through. You’re splitting one family unit into two and digging up past experiences and difficulties. As you go through property, child custody, alimony and assets, keeping your affairs private from the court system might ease the process.

Spouses will have different opinions about how a divorce should go and proceedings may include many debates and differences. Being outside a courtroom could help ease your discomfort and pain throughout the process.

Mediation may allow more room for flexibility in the final decision. In the case where spouses can’t agree, a judge may intervene and make a sweeping decision about how assets and child custody should be handled. In mediation, there’s more wiggle room for debate and discussion to ensure the best outcome.

Benefits of mediation

As you try to decide if mediation is right for you, take a look at the many benefits you can enjoy by avoiding the court system.


In general, going to court can be expensive. There are court costs, filing fees and added attorney hours to go through the court system. Mediation can save you some serious money by limiting these expenses.

Less stressful

Mediation can more easily happen on your time. This means that you experience less stress throughout the process.

Additionally, if you have children involved in the divorce, they don’t have to experience the court system. Mediation can put them in a peaceful setting that is much less intimidating than a judge and courtroom.


In mediation, all parties sign a non-disclosure agreement. This enables you to keep the end result private and confidential. There is a great benefit in this if you or your spouse is well-known in the local community, such as a public servant or business owner.

The public may be very interested in your total wealth or outcome of your divorce in these cases, and court records are public information that you can’t keep from prying eyes. This added layer of privacy can help you move on from your divorce and enable your children to answer fewer questions at school or from curious parties.


Instead of awaiting a court date, your divorce can move forward through mediation in a timely manner. Divorce court proceedings can take a great deal of time as well versus mediation, which can move as quickly as you and your ex-spouse want it to.

How an attorney helps

Having a divorce attorney by your side throughout mediation can ensure you get favorable terms. Without an attorney, you and your ex-spouse are simply having the same discussions you were without mediation.

Your attorney can take some stress off of you throughout the process by collecting evidence and information on your behalf. Additionally, your attorney can present this information for you so that you don’t have to relive challenging situations or look like you’re attacking your ex-spouse. Having an attorney as a more neutral party to present your case can be greatly beneficial in the outcome of your divorce.

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